What stages of completion do you offer?

We offer three separate stages:
1) The “deluxe pre-assembled body package”, which is one of the most complete kits available.
2) The “roller” package, which is ready to accept an engine and transmission/transaxle, collectively known as your drivetrain components.
3) The “turn-key” package. Although Special Edition, Inc. DOES NOT supply or install drivetrain components, we do offer factory inspection, testing and initial sorting once your drivetrain components are installed.

What type of engine can I use?

The most popular choices are listed below by model:
Beck Spyder®: Aircooled VW® flat 4 or water cooled Subaru® flat 4. 
Beck Speedster®: Aircooled VW flat 4 or water cooled Subaru® flat 4. 
Beck GTS®: Aircooled Porsche® 911® flat 6
Beck Super Coupe®: Subaru flat 4

What type of transmission can I use?

The most popular choices are listed below by model:
Beck Spyder: VW® type 1 swingaxle
Beck Speedster: VW® type 1 IRS, modified Subaru® 5MT (5 speed manual) or modified 4EAT (4 speed automatic)
Beck GTS: Porsche® 901 or 915
Beck Super Coupe: modified Subaru® 5MT or 4EAT

Are there any other engine or transmission types that will work?

Yes, we have custom fabricated drivetrain mounts/pick up points for a variety of aircooled and watercooled drivetrains. Limitations are  the physical size and budget.

Do you offer an electric vehicle (EV)?

We made EV “rollers” since the early 2000s. These were designed to be completed by an EV conversion shop or a DIY client. 

For the last few years we have been prototyping and developing our own “turn key” EV and with the passing of the Low Volume Manufacturing Act, we plan to offer a turn key EV in the near future.

How is Beck affected by the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturing Act?

At this time, there are no approved internal combustion engine (ICE) drivetrains that are a good fit for Beck products. Thus, ICE Beck products will continue to be sold as kits and rollers only. 

We are in the process of being approved as a Small Volume Manufacturer for our EV products and plan to offer “turn key” factory completed EVs in the near future. 

How do I insure my Beck®?

If your current carrier does not have the ability to insure your new vehicle, there are several companies that specialize in insuring component vehicles. Hagerty comes highly recommended and can be contacted at 1-800-922-4050 (or www.hagerty.com).

How do I register my Beck®?

Firstly, Beck®  products have been successfully registered in all 50 states. Registration is not federally regulated, so it varies from state to state. You will need to check with your local BMV for your state’s requirements. The SEMA website is also a valuable source of information for registration and titling of specialty vehicles.

Does the Beck® come with a warranty?

Yes! We offer a 12 month/12,000 mile limited warranty.

How do the Beck® products hold up in resale value?

We have seen our products hold their value VERY well over the last 30+ years.

According to the Kelly Blue Book, the average car loses 65% of it’s value in the first 5 years. We have seen our products sell as high as 100%-120% of their original value, 10 years down the road!

Do you offer financing?

Financing can be obtained through a few companies that specialize in financing for the specialty and collector car market. Two that we most commonly see are:  J.J. Best Banc & Co. and Woodside Credit. 

What is the factory inspection/sorting service?

After you have installed your drivetrain, or had it installed for you, your Beck® is returned to the factory for a complete inspection. Once we verify proper install of the drivetrain and related fuel and electrical components, we begin a rigorous test drive and shake down procedure with inspections that follow every drive. After the final test drive we complete a full nut/bolt torque check including a high visibility reference paint mark on all major hardware. 

Can I visit the factory?

We welcome visitors but do require an appointment. Call the office to schedule yours today. 

What is the best airport to use when visiting?

The closest airport is South Bend Intl and roughly 20 miles from the shop. Chicago and Indianapolis offer a wider variety of direct flights, and are both approximately 100 miles from the shop.

Are their hotel accommodations in Bremen?

While there are no hotels in Bremen, there are a few great local AirBnB at Lake of the Woods, including one run by Kevin and Vicky Hines. https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/14006320?location=Bremen%2C%20IN&source_impression_id=p3_1647036836_DmFAAvtrRFmTbbkm

Scottish Bed and Breakfast is also a great local choice. http://scottishbb.com

Alternatively you’ll find a wide variety of hotels in nearby Plymouth, Nappanee and South Bend.

How do I start the process?

Your initial deposit secures your place in line and your unique chassis number is assigned at that time. You can complete the specifications via e-mail or phone appointment.  I highly urge a phone appointment with our president, Carey Hines, to discuss final details and the direction of your custom build.

How long does it take?

Our waiting list as of Jan ‘22 is over 3 years. We are in the midst of a factory expansion, however we are still quoting lead times based on current production rates of approximately 40 total units per year.  As we complete our expansion we will update leads times accordingly.

Can Becks be exported to another country?

Rules and regulations vary greatly outside of the US, especially when it comes to new builds. We have worked with clients all over the world to create packages that fit their countries requirements, when possible. 

Many countries have “grandfather” rules for classic cars that allow for unregulated importation once a used Beck reaches a certain age. 

See our Export Information section below for more specifics.

How is my Beck shipped?

Enclosed automotive transportation is scheduled for COD delivery, paid directly to the driver upon delivery and inspection. 

Can I pick up my Beck from the factory?

Yes you can, however please note that anything picked up at the factory is subject to 7% IN sales tax. 

I see you offer a few standard paint colors, but can I pick a different paint color?

Yes, you can chose any paint color you like, we just need a paint code.  We DO NOT accept paint choices based on internet photos or general descriptions.  If you need help finding a paint code, we can assist.  Some paint are more expensive, such as special brands or tri-coats, and have an additional charge.

I see you offer a few standard leather colors, but can I pick a different color?

Yes, our standard line of leather actually has 5x the choices we list and all of those are available at little to no extra charge.  We also have access to many other brands of leather and only charge the delta between our stock leather and the custom leather chosen.

I see you offer a few standard convertible top colors, but can I pick a different color?

Yes, there are many additional choices available at a small charge.